Watch full-lenght episode in HDV quality! presents a two part espionage feature film starring Yasmin Lee, Robert Axel, Marcus Ruhl and Beretta James. Yasmin Lee is the most talented agent for a covert, phantom organization that specializes in stealing world military secrets. Yasmin disguises herself as a nurse aide in order to infiltrate the lab of life-time military prisoner and insane scientist, Dr. Axel. Dr.Axel’s life sentence is to design the military’s most advance weapon – the Super Soldier – a man who does not got to sleep or eat. A stud who can be controlled by memory manipulation – the most advanced and frightening new technology in military science since the A bomb. Dr. Axel has developed a device that control his soldiers thoughts, implant memories and lessons in a matter of minutes and reorganizes his brain so he does nothing but what this dude is programmed to do. Dr. Axel’s techniques are perverse and highly sexual – he likes to watch his man-made soldier fuck sweethearts. He likes to fuck what ever Aide is in the room in the same way his soldier is fucking. Yasmin uses this knowledge in her favour and lets Dr. Axel seduce her, bending her over the lab desk and letting him fuck her ass while he watches his soldier do the same in the other room. The studs pound away at their lady’s asses and orgasm giant loads of satisfying, pent up cum. When Dr. Axel thinks he is done, Yasmin flips him over and reveals her incredible thick, long weenie. She spreads his ass and slips inside him, every inch of her knob rocking the depths of him, until this babe pulls out and releases a big, full load of cum. Cum drunk and satisfied, Dr. Axel is easily convinced by Yasmin to let her clean the smell of sex and ejaculate up. As soon as he leaves the observation room, the real work begins for Yasmin’s.

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