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Patrick tries to convince a bank teller to cash his cheque even though this chap has no idea and no account. His relentless flirting and male bravado makes the teller furious. It is Patrick’s lucky and unlucky day. Jaquelin convince Patrick to follow her in to the back where the manager sits, only this chick leads him into a storage room and throws him down on the couch instead, pressing the high heel of her sexy shoe right into his crotch. Patrick can’t believe it when this honey whips out her dong – this dude has no choice but to put it in his mouth. This babe is so fierce and hot that his own ramrod is pressing against his jeans even though this stud is scared of the her wrath. She taunts him, copulates him, gags him with her dick and even rides his dong while telling him how worthless this chap is the entire time. This honey makes him cum all over his shirt and then flips him over for more fucking. This babe unloads on his booty and gives him 5 bucks for his troubles.

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